Notepad++ Regular Expression – Remove all lines containing

Using regular expression to remove a particular word/phrase and everything appearing after it on the same line. As an example, lets say we want to remove all instances of the word Height along with numbers which all vary after the word Height. Height 135343 Width 14232 Height 245456 Width 223354 Height 354665 Width 354343 Height […]

CSS List-Style Types

The list-style-type property specifies what appears before a list-item. Simply include list-style-type:yourchosenliststyle; in your css. Examples can been seen by clicking on the links below. Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions only support: armenian, decimal-leading-zero, lower-greek, lower-latin, georgian and upper-latin. Hebrew is not supported in any version of internet explorer or Opera 12. armenian circle […]

WordPress Twenty Twelve Theme – How to Show Excerpts on Home/Index Page

I read numerous entries on the WordPress forums about updating the Twenty Twelve home page to show excerpts only. None of them seem to be able to answer the question for this theme. To change the Twenty Twelve WordPress theme to show excerpts only follow this steps Hover over ‘Appearance’ in the left hand menu […]

Using your hosts file to test the success of a website move?

The brilliant thing about the hosts file is the ability to resolve to a domain name without using the domain name system. By editing your computers hosts file, you can actually manipulate the IP address that a domain name is currrently pointing to.This will allow you to check whether a website has been moved successfully […]